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John Mitchell

I write about things that I like here.
May 10 '14
Aug 18 '13

An unnecsessarily wordy account of my most recent encouter with a journalistic crazy-person

I was browsing reddit when I came across a fascinating blurb:

"…New York schools…are being run to benefit not the teachers and, with 80 percent near-illiteracy rates, not the students. The school systems are a very successful, profit-making institution that distributes their profits to the “stockholders” — the non-teaching professional staff."

I was intrigued.  Who are these “stockholders” specifically?  What roles do they inhabit that allow them to take the “profits” the school system is making and distribute them while doing nothing to improve the mission of education?  How does a school system make “profits”?  Basically, I was genuinely confused, yet excited to see where my click was going to take me.

I’m about to get really into it, so you should really take in the essence of this page if you want to go further.

Read the review!